Belgium, Ghent, 19.10.1970

Living and working in Ghent and Antwerp

Husband : Dirk Coopman
Children: Emiel Coopman (2003), Teo Coopman (2005) and Emma Coopman (2007)

Education :

Griet Cnudde has no artistic education but comes out of a family with a lot of artistic skills.

She studied Communication Sciences and Public Relations and graduated in 1991. She worked one year and after started studying again. She graduated at the University of Ghent in 1997 where she got her Law Degree . She started her legal career as a scientific assistant at the Centre for Environmental and Energy Law of the University of Ghent (1997-2003). In 1997, she switched over to the Bar. Griet has taught public law at several universities, served as an independent expert to the Strategic Council of Spatial Planning and Non-Movable Heritage and she’s president of the Complaints and Professional Committee of the Soil Specimen Bank.

Work :

Griet Cnudde started painting in 1999. Her work represents beauty in nature, using different kind of materials and acrylic.